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Mount Burdell

Saturday September 16, 2017 Sunday September 24, 2017
Hike Leaders:
   Marshall Moran  (650) 346-2553
   Mary Ose           (916) 484-7172

   Michele Culberson
Hike Leaders:
   John Eckhouse  (510) 908-0405
   Greg Mallozzi     (415) 299-7340

   Desi Soto

NOTE earlier departure time.
NOTE possible cancellation of hike if weather is too hot (see below).

Meet/Departure Time: Meet at the old Phair’s parking lot (Behind Orinda Motors and next to Starbucks) at 7:45 am to set up carpools for an 8:00 am departure. It should take about 45-50 minutes to drive to the trailhead. Round trip is 82 miles: at .35 a mile = $28.70 + $5 bridge toll = $33.70, divided by four people in a car equals $8.43 per person. We should be back to Orinda about 3:30 pm.

Hikers driving directly to the trailhead should be there ready to hike by 8:55 am.

Hike Description: This is an 8-mile out and back hike with 1490 feet of elevation gain to reach the 1,558 summit of Mount Burdell that, on a clear day, offers breathtaking views of the entire Bay Area. The hike meanders across hills studded with barren oak trees, whose craggy and leafless branches look like something out of a horror movie. It’s considered among the best places in Marin to see many birds such as Lazuli Buntings, Lark Sparrows, and House Wrens.

Because the hike passes through thick grasslands and is mostly in the open, with only occasional tree cover to provide shade, IF THE TEMPERATURE IS FORECAST TO BE SO HIGH THAT IT COULD CAUSE HIKERS TO SUFFER FROM HEAT EXHAUSTION, WE MAY CANCEL THE HIKE OR CHANGE TO ANOTHER LOCATION. Please watch for a cancellation announcement via Googlegroups emails the day before the hike. Hike is on unless a cancellation is announced.

Bring: Carry plenty of extra water and sunscreen, sun hat, hiking poles, and a lunch (we’ll eat in the shade of trees on the summit). Hiking poles are strongly recommended.

Facilities: There are NO TOILETS anywhere on the route or at the parking lot/trail head. While we’ll make arrangements on the trail as we always do, you may want to stop at Starbucks or Harvest Market on San Marin Drive just before you get to San Marin High School. There is no place to get water at the trailhead or on the hike.

Driving Instructions to the trailhead:

You can view this hike's trail map, or use these links to view:

                the Mount Burdell trail map or
                the Bay Area Ridge Trail map

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