Club Contact List

Please email any of the following club members with questions regarding the club or its planned activities by clicking on the green Email symbol to the right of their name:

President Ian Baird 925-254-1465
Vice President Bob Simmons 925-588-9914
Treasurer Christl Blumenthal 925-254-6935
Secretary Jeanne Wolf 925-954-7494
Webmaster Don Osias 925-567-3107
Database Manager Skip Lees 530-680-9821
Membership Communications Coordinator Bob Milbourn 415-461-2823
Newsletter Editor Rachel Blau 510-654-8882
Day Hikes Committee Chair Annette Rost 925-376-5196
Day Hikes Schedule Coordinator Paul Prehn 925-788-0878
Domestic Trips Committee Chair Cindy Wong Please E-Mail
International Trips Committee Chair John Walkinshaw 925-876-0728